Deed of foundation

„Playing sports and experiencing the pleasure of free movement is a dream of many people with disabilities. Sport is joy, excitement and relaxation, offering new friendships and the chance to forget every day worries.

That is why we want to give young disabled people the same chance as everyone else has. Only in this way will they understand that real effort and commitment are meaningful and supported. Thanks to the movement activities, young athletes with disabilities will get the opportunity to play sports with the majority of youth, make new friends and together contribute to the elimination of unnecessary prejudices and mutual shyness.

We want to show young athletes with disabilities the best that is in them and gain that all-important and often missing self-confidence.“

We are Emil's Sports, an association set up by the Emil Foundation to support young disabled athletes. This is done in three main areas - direct financial support, creating new sporting opportunities and organising sporting events.

The growing interest of children and young people in sport and their needs makes us very happy on the one hand, but on the other hand, it also obliges us and puts great financial demands on us and the need to find new sources of support.

That is why we decided to approach personalities from the field of sport, culture, private sector and political and public life to help us and we founded


hereinafter referred to as the “Club“


The Club is an informal group of supporters contributing to the promotion of sport and physical activities for children and young people with disabilities.

The Club is not an association or affiliated society.


An individual may become a member of the Club upon application and approval of the application by any member of the Executive Committee of the Emil's Sports Association.

The member will receive a certificate of membership in the Club.


A member has the right to be informed about the activities and events within the Club.

The member has the right to present himself publicly as a member of the Club and to freely use its symbols, including the logos of the Emil Foundation, Emilova sportovní, z.s. and events organized by these organizations, for the duration of his membership.

The member has the right to attend the annual meeting of the Club members.


Membership in the Club entails a moral obligation to contribute to the fulfilment of the Club's purposes. This support can be of any type at the discretion and choice of the member - making the topic of disability sport more visible, providing his know-how, financial, material, and personal involvement by providing his expertise, arranging partnerships, etc.

The member agrees to publish his/her membership in the Club and to present his/her support to the Club.


The Member is entitled to terminate his/her membership in the Club at any time without giving any reason and without any penalty.

In the event that a member fails to contribute to the purposes of the Club as set forth in Article IV for at least one year, the President of the Executive Committee of Emil's Sports, Inc. may terminate such member's membership in the Club.


The founder of the Emil Open Ambassadors' Club is Emilova sportovní, z.s., ID No. 067 07 785, with registered office at Malinovského náměstí 603/4, 602 00 Brno, represented by Pavel Zbožinek, Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Membership in the Club does not confer membership in the Emilova sportovní association.

In Prague on 2.8.2022

Pavel Zbožínek

Chairman of the Executive Committee
Emilova sportovní, z.s.

Emil Open

Emil Open

Emilova Sportovní, z.s.

Malinovského náměstí 603/4
602 00 Brno, Česká Republika

IČ: 067 07 785

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Organising Committee
Pavel Zbožínek

Organising Committee President

zbozinek@emilopen.cz+420 602 720 518
Mgr. Vojtěch Kocůrek

Organising Committee Vice President

kocurek@emilopen.cz+420 605 940 891
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