7th European Youth Games
for the Disabled „Emil Open“ 6. – 10. 6. 2018 | Brno

Are you 10 to 26 years old and enjoy exercise? Then do not hesitate and come compete with both disabled and able-bodied athletes from all across Europe! Also, becoming a volunteer will allow you to experience an international sport event. So, become involved in the Games organisation and get a volunteer certificate.

What is Emil Open?

The European Youth Games for the Disabled are an international and a social gathering of young people with disabilities.

The expected number of international participants and the sport and accompanying programme make the event unique and of a European format.

The Games follow on from the previous successful editions.

Emil Open's main missions

Many disabled children dream of doing sports and enjoy being able to move freely. Sport is a joy, a passion as well as relaxation. It strengthens bonds with our friends, allows us to forget everyday worries, it is an important part of our lives.

Therefore, we want to give children and youth with a disability the same opportunity as everybody else. With this they can truly understand that true effort and determinations makes sense and will be supported. Thanks to the European Games they will get the opportunity to play sports with their able-bodied athletes and together remove unnecessary prejudice and bashfulness.

The European Games will allow the participants to show their best and to either regain or boost their confidence. Happiness and tears of joy will be the imaginary medal for everybody.


Maximum support for the social inclusion of children and young with disabilities

through sport events designed for mixed groups of both disabled and able-bodied participants. Another important part is the involvement of volunteers from mainstream schools.


To enable amateur disabled athletes to compete

and get inspiration from other experienced athletes from eleven other European countries. By competing with one another the registered athletes become models for other athletes with disabilities. They also have a chance to be appreciated publicly for their performances.


An opportunity to challenge oneself in various sport events

and to experience a sport event of a higher format. For many participants, it will be their very first contact with their foreign mates and their first time competing in an international event. Thanks to the intensive sport experience, the Games will contribute on a European scale not only to sport but also personal development of the individual athlete. Besides sport competitions, the Games mainly represent an opportunity to have friendly gatherings of young people with disabilities from different European countries.


To give the public an insight about adaptive sports

with the aim of eliminating prejudice and barriers. There are over a million people with disabilities in the Czech Republic. This issue is not often positively perceived by public, although sport and complex rehabilitation significantly improve the mental and physical condition of a disabled individual in most cases of post-injury traumas.

Organiser: Emil Foundation

The Emil Foundation (Nadační fond Emil) is a non-profit organisation that assists physically disabled children and young adults in their sporting involvement primarily through direct financial aid.

Emil Open logo

To date, over 8000 athletes and teams have benefited from the work of the Emil Foundation. Its primary mission is to be a symbol of effective assistance to these people throughout the Czech Republic, help them overcome their own barriers, make new friends and discover 'their own'sense of life through various activities.

The Emil Foundation is a long-standing organisation. It is well known among people with a disability thanks to the international sport events it successfully organised. Since 2009 over 2810 participants from 24 European countries have participated in the 6 editions of the European Games. In 2016 the Emil Foundation organised the IWAS U23 World Games Prague 2016.

These events have always been successfully completed with a balanced budget. Hence the foundation is experienced in financial and project management of significant international projects.

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Emil Open

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