Become a volunteer

Do you want to become involved in the event preparations?
I am interested in competing with the athletes in MIXED category
Is any of your friends or relatives participating in Emil Open?

Right-hand man

If you enjoy key roles, this is something for you! It is a responsible position that requires self-reliance, reliability and excellent communication skills.

Sport assistant

You will help right in the middle of everything – at sports venues – and will make athletes feel welcome and comfortable.

Team coordinator

Do you handle people management well? Then the coordinator role is tailor-made just for you. You will oversee a small group of people that you will lead to perform current tasks. Together you will take care of the smooth running of the Games.

Team´s delegate

If you can speak some European language, you can also become a delegate for a team of foreign athletes.

Visitors´ assista

We need someone who will help all the participants and visitors with orientation at the venues.


Pair up with an athlete and compete too! It will for sure be fun and an experience! :)

The MIXED category includes specific events for pairs of disabled and able-bodied athletes (results are counted up). This category represents the inclusive mission of the project.